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JP Kama Sutra #13 - The Pine Needle Fold

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This is the Pine Needle Fold, or Matsuba-kuzushi. This is a very famous Japanese Kama Sutra pose. The woman lies on her side and opens her leg, displaying her vagina to the man. Then, the man straddles her lower leg, folds up and holds her top leg, and inserts himself.

Pine Needle Fold

This position allows for very, very deep penetration. It's also easy to change the angle of the penis and enjoy the position in different ways. The man can try thrusting his penis against the cervical opening, or angling it so that it hits the G-spot. The wider the woman opens her legs, the more the man can explore and enjoy the soft walls of her vagina. By grinding his penis against the walls, the man can really enjoy the sticky friction of his lover's vagina.

Internal ejaculation also feels very good in this position, and the semen will collect deep within the vagina, so it's recommended for impregnation. A man who seriously wants to impregnate his lover could easily move his penis to the cervical opening and try to shoot the semen straight inside.

JP Kama Sutra #12 - The Daruma Lift

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This position is called the Daruma Lift or Daruma-gaeshi. Incidentally, here is what a daruma doll looks like.

In this position, the woman lies on her back, closes her legs tightly, then the man lifts her thighs up and holds them up while he inserts his penis. Many Japanese couples bind the woman's legs to assist in this position, but binding is not necessary.

Daruma Lift

Lifting up the woman's legs allows for deep penetration, making this a very pleasurable position for both sides. The important thing in this position is how the man thrusts himself inside. Thrusting forward in a horizontal manner seems to allow for greater stimulation.

Another way is to thrust vertically up against the ceiling of the vagina. If the man's penis is long enough, it's also possible to rub the penis head against the cervical opening deep within the vagina, which many Japanese women enjoy. Continuously thrusting the penis into the cervical opening can give some women a cervical orgasm. Once a man gets used to it, it becomes possible for him to stimulate the cervical opening with as little movement as possible, which can provide exciting stimulation to the woman. I highly recommend that all couples try and aim for a cervical orgasm at least once.

In this position, ejaculating internally allows semen to collect deep within the vagina. It feels very good, and makes this a recommended position for impregnation.

JP Kama Sutra #11 - Under the Table

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This is Under the Table, or Kotatsu-Gakure, a position that allows partners to face one another. Like in the image below, the man and woman face each other, while the woman puts her legs over top the man's, and he inserts his penis from below. The man can also put his hand behind the woman's back to support her. In this position, it's important to match the rhythm of your hips with your partner, for maximum effectiveness. This position was given its name because it was often used to have sex in secret under tables on the floor. Interesting, isn't it?

under the table

When the rhythm of both hips matches up properly, this position can feel very good. The friction made from the penis being forced in and out of the vagina at a tight angle can feel great and exciting. However, to those who have tried this position for the very first time, this new method of thrusting may feel awkward, and it might take several tries to get used to. Thrusting at the right angle will allow the penis to stimulate the woman's G-spot. Also, when thrusting, be careful that the penis does not slip out of the vagina. In certain cases, if the penis slips out at the wrong time, it could lead to injury.

Another nice feature about this position is that it allows both sides to see the penis slide in and out of the vagina in close-up. As you thrust, you can see every detail of the intercourse. It's possible to insert the penis in deeply, but if internal ejaculation is achieved, the semen will drip right out of the vagina once the penis is removed. Be careful not to stain your bed.

JP Kama Sutra #10 - The Crushed Pawn

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This is a back position called The Crushed Pawn, or Tsubushi-Komagake.

In this position, the woman lies face down on her knees, and sticks her buttocks up high in the air. The man penetrates her in this position and thrusts at her from behind. It's a very basic position that many Japanese couples often use.

Crushed Pawn

This position allows for very deep penetration. it's also important to note that compared to the normal doggy style position, penetration in this position makes the vagina feel much tighter. After thrusting in and out, many men should be pleased at the level of tightness they feel. It also allows them to see the woman's vagina and anus in full view, for further arousal. This position is very famous in Japan among women who enjoy very deep, intense penetration. In this position, we recommend that the man use his penis to stimulate the woman's cervical zone.


In this position, it's possible to ejaculate semen into a very deep area of the woman's vagina. Additionally, since the woman's body is angled toward the ground, the semen is much less likely to spill out, allowing much more semen to reach the womb. This position is perfect for couples who are trying to procreate.

JP Kama Sutra #9 - Boulders Trickling Pure Water

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This is a facesitting position called Boulders Trickling Pure Water, or Iwashimizu.

The man lies down face up, and the woman sits on his face so that her vagina presses up against his mouth. Then, the man can lick the woman's vagina, suck on her clitoris, or stick his tongue inside her and enjoy her. This allows the man to enjoy the woman's genitals to his heart's content.

Boulders Trickling Water

This position is often used during foreplay, before actual sexual intercourse. It's a very erotic position, and allows the man to amply lubricate the woman's vagina and prepare it for penetration. The woman should gyrate her hips and stimulate her clitoris using the man's face. Stimulating genitals before sexual intercourse will make sex feel even better. This position also frees up the man's hands, which he can use to fondle the woman's buttocks, breasts, nipples, and arouse her even further.

There are many Japanese women who feel embarrassed when using this position. We recommend it to men who are eager to explore their partner's body.


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